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Parenting - Sechelt, BC

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Parenting in Sechelt, BC

If you’re looking for a coach for parenting in Sechelt, BC and the surrounding areas, look no further than I, Adele Anderson. My passion is to help others break through the mental barriers holding them back from having the deepest connection with their children as possible, and I want to do the same for you. My passion, knowledge and experience are top tier and second to none in the Southern BC area.

You won’t find a more supportive coach of parenting in Sechelt, BC and you’ll feel it from the moment you walk in. I provide a judgement-free support zone that is critical for you to open up and process the coaching I provide. My goal isn't to tell how to parent your child in every area, but rather to help you connect with them on a deeper level, and give them the guidance they need to grow into a mentally and emotionally strong member of society.

I offer a variety of ways to receive my coaching, to make the service as accessible and versatile as possible. Whether you prefer a group, solo, phone or online coaching, I can do it all, and at an affordable price too. Let me help you be the best parent you can be today!

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